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February 20, 2017
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February 20, 2017
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Compass – Australian 1930 Penny Brass Antique Finish


Brand: Vintage Nautical
Product Name: Compass – Australian 1930 Penny
Model #: CN110
Pack Contents: Compass, Wooden Case
Colour: Brass
Materials: Brass – Alloy, Stone Jewelled Needle
Key Attributes: Hand Crafted, Functional, High Grade Magnets, Wooden Box, Glass Viewer, Brass Compass, Leather Case
Uses: Camping, Hiking, Collectable, Great Corporate or Family Gift, Decor
Product Outer Diameter: 65mm
Product Inside Diameter: Face: 52mm
Product Weight: 124g
Stand Diameter: 75mm
Case Width: 30mm
Case Weight: 33g
Shipped From: Melbourne
Shipping Provider: Australia Post
Additional Delivery Information: Estimate Delivery 2 – 5 Business Days
Returns: Easy Return & Exchange
Insurance: Recommended At Extra Cost, Please Ask For Details
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1930s Australian Penny back design hand crafted engraved pocket watch is a classic you need to add to your collection! With a 200mm looped chain that can also un-loop to wear it extended attached to your inner pocket for that hipster flare! Screw top design, inner text “Life is a journey, not a destination” 8 directional posts, Australian penny design. This vintage replica hand Made large 65mm DIA compass is fully functional with top grade magnets. The glass face is easy to read, inner face considers period correct fonts and stone jewelled needle pointing out cardinal directions. Characteristic of the captains and their shipmates that would rely on these tools while sailing the high seas!

The perfect centrepiece & slice of history to finish off any room in your house, office space, incredibly popular corporate gift or the perfect addition to your collection of quality antique items. The wooden gift box makes this perfect for display without accumulating dust, a gift to be cherished! Don’t forget to take it camping or fishing, you never know when you will need the assistance of a hand built, durable calibrated compass!

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60x75x30(h), 75x75x30(h)

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